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After being at the World Dog Show 1988 in Copenhagen, having seen my first Stabijhoun I decided - once in my lifetime,I would have such a "farm dog" from the Netherlands. The dream was already a brown/white, as I was used to the color combination of Münsterländern.

Years passed until Isolde came into the house. Although I have been with dogs since childhood and trained and competed with several different breeds of dogs - not to mention all the years with the group of 7 dogs: Wire haired Pointers and KLM - I was unprepared for the breed's characteristics and temperament. Most dogs I've had: everything from service dogs, companion dogs, and hunting dogs they have been rather "convenient" to train. This is a very special race for me it's definitely not a beginner's dog.

Quite immediately after studying the breed in Sweden, and after the visit to the country of origin, I saw that like KLM there were at least two "types" exterior. Like the KLM are 1) the small compact type with plenty of bone and 2) a more airy / leggy type something more legged. I prefer the first type. Of course there are many more variations - this is a real generalization, because in my eyes is not the breed completely homogeneous.

At a breeding conference in Sweden with people from the Netherlands, I became good friend with a breeder who is also main/highest breeding councillour in the country of origin, and then after having seen his dogs I asked for a brown / white bitch - when he could get any. He thought it would take many years, but long time was shorter than we thought.

So she was born on January 22, 2013 and Ruud Wubbolts called me the following day with the words: "I've got a brown/white female - if she will be good, would you have it?"

A time of waiting came, they said she was good - always sent photos, almost every day, so I felt as involved from the outset. I have never bought a puppy without seeing the whole litter and visit at least a couple of times, so it was lucky and privileged to buy from friends.

Five days old weeks
Six weeks   Eight weeks

Like most breeds is a puppy- price significantly lower in the country of origin. Often I heard in Germany that Sweden took extortionately much for KLM puppies. In the Netherlands, costs a Stabij puppy 750 Euro. So you do not think of all the other costs such as permission from the Board of Agriculture in Sweden, extra veterinary examination for export, special bag approved for flight, Oh yes, even the puppy may pay ticket. A reputable breeder does not send the pup alone on the flight, the owner shall obtain and sit with your puppy in the lap. So does not Agria (= Swedish assurance company) accept veterinary examinations from abroad with vaccinations double from home - considering switching companies - but I have to make it once again with the Swedish veterinary, with Agrias form! Then the re-registration in SKK, I can assure you that it will be more expensive than buying a puppy in Sweden ...... but what does it matter, when you get a chance to new blood and also "my" color?

I could not fly down myself - but then it's good to have someone you trust what all the dog concerned. A real dog person by nature, such growing, according to me, not on the trees they only have the learned knowledge to make, but one that can read dogs through their own language.

So thank you, my dear webmaster - the breeder also became fond of you!

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