The mole hunter  

photos by Torun Brate

“The cobbler should stick to his last” an old proverb is saying Today I dare not say if it is true or not. After all the years of hunting with Kleiner Münsterländer ( Small Münsterländer Pointer) I see this "new" as an exciting challenge. Do the breed have capable predisposition? I do not know - yet. Water Passion? This I have seen specimens have. Some things I have reflected on since the very first day. When I rolled / thrown away things to Münster Puppies they run happily after it and will just as quickly back, retrieving. Already at the age of 8 weeks , Isolde rushed it happily after - but not back to me…. I really tried to seem interesting but that didn’t amuse the little lady. So, we tried trailer tracks - this is the very first day –with a bird and about 25 meters long. The nose at once to the ground , with concentration, and fast! Many tracking champions (blood-tracking) there are in the breed - so a good searching for animals- dog (for example after shot) the Stabij could be!


When there were poor times long ago my father bred rabbits. Most likely, he gave up eventually, since I since two-years-old let them out as soon as I was out of sight. Of course not an "activist" of any kind - but I felt sorry for them in cages. That the newborn were young and then went out to meet death by starvation, I had no understanding about. It didn´t help my father giving me hard punishment… Now grown up and like hunting that of hunting rabbits are funny – and interesting, specially in using tame ferrets instead of dogs.

In Friesland during hard times specially, they chased moles. There were two variants in hunting. The first: the master went out with the dog. The dog found a fresh mole haunt, stood perfectly still, waiting for his master. When the mole began to move, highlighted this dog the people could use a spade and "threw" the mole in the air. The dog reacted at once, bit and shaked., and left the dead mole to his master.

The second variant was pure probation of the farmer/landowner who received land and crops destroyed. Did you not own a dog you could rent both the dog owner and the dog. The dog chased independently, buried and killed. The last sentence method wasn’t so profitable Most often, the dop catched young and therefore relatively small moles. The coat was not utilized to a greater extent either skinning or taning.

 Where we live there aren’t any moles .... but well, our slope in the woods are full of voles and both ferrets and wild mink .A good tracking dog is useful for us - and I mean not exhibited in the form of tracking tests with the stamping of blood traces - without a trace that can be found after a lung shot, shot in the belly, traffic accidents, etc. And probably we will start with the birdshunting with our Stabij .: A challenge for me with a new breed.

More about hunting You will find on the pages of each dog. By now it’t only Isolde which has this experience!




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