Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! 2012-12-13

Summer rained away and fall disappeared too quickly. Dad has as usual been hunting a lot and Iso continued with tracking exercise. Not to withstand tracking tests, however, but for use in the "real" life. Not "stamps" a wounded animal fine blood traces in the real world ... no, sometimes no blood trail at all, but small lung damage high up in the bushes, or the contents of a very bad bellyshot which unfortunately occurs.

Stabijhûn has a great "nose", almost comparable to the Bloodhound! Hail Gun she recognizes and screamed with joy at the sight, and hunting clothes for us two-legged. Both bird and deer hunting has been fun. Sorry, a moose was shot just outside our house, where we live in the woods ... and bouncing shot was something new and very dangerous / unpleasant. Sigh, so next year will be the "entry-level training" again .with small toy-pistols and so on.., etc.

In this his third year of life, her guard instincts came to life. Houses, home and especially our garden was guarded in all seriousness. I will admit that it is positive, when you live like us, and everything is dark outside. Just saying "hello" or "enter" turns rough barking of woolen residual dangerous guard dog into a welcoming "puss cucumber" (if now there is such a word).

Otherwise, devoted much time to Stabijhûnklubben. RAS, contacts with owner / breeder in Sweden, Norway and the Netherlands. Planning for next year's meetings and travel to the Netherlands again this year in the breeding issues, etc. which you can read about in the newspaper or on the club website, and a little on this page under: On Stabijfront. Something that is more than nice is that the club recently increased member numbers from 206 members to over 300! Thanks including all breeders who pushes for it!

Have a lovely Christmas and New Year celebrations, without too much sweets to our beloved dogs, we wish you all two-and four-legged from Isolde and Münstergårdens kennel (gården means: the farm)


Time for Zutphen in Gelderland 2012-11-08

Twice a year, spring and fall, the Dutch breed has Fokkerday. Earlier this year litters with mother and father animal undergo a kind of exhibition of judges, which is similar to our breeders breed- specialists. Careful examination of each dog, as quality is assessed, and the most promising - both group and individual subjects, a special note of it, for future breeding. Moreover, it is a dog parade - why now only males to be presented? I would love to see a femaleparade as well.

Then Stabijhûn is a large breed at home, it was this fall about 200 dogs in a large sports hall in the town of Zutphen. And probably were dogs barking up the acoustics in this hall. But immediately must be said that the most barkings came from the second Dutch breed: Wetterhoun. The breed is not really "my piece of cake", either in appearance or temperament.

Arrival was set for Thursday afternoon, then Friday was devoted to breeding issues, ZooEasy program and schedule for Swedish Fokkerdag spring 2013. Then it was a so-called official trip, I choose to be reticent on this my "private" website. More abstracts will be, as it should be on the club website and in the magazine.

We thought we were housed in small cottages, like we are used to the dog evan arrangement like in Sälen or Herrfallet., Sweden.To our surprise, there was a large mansion-like building with wings. Here was a large restaurant and conference halls, of which we used a smaller one throughout Friday.

Hotel Landgoed Ehzerwold, Almen

In the large sports hall in the nearby town of Zutphen went Fokker Day held on Saturday


So many people and dogs - hard to keep track of who was who. A little surprised I was that the tails were as big a problem here at home with us. Especially the males wore them incorrectly over the back maybe in their attempts to impress, but never the less disturbing to the eye. Here are a few pictures of dogs:

Helena hittade Manus, som förekommer i flera stamtavlor.

I have always been intrigued by the brown and white, which may be due to my "long and faithful service" with Münsterländer - where only the color combination exists - ignoring brown roan. The copies I visited seemed to have slightly different fur quality than the black and white. The brown and white is far below the number of black and white - clearly.


Towards the end of the day, I saw a breeder with black roan puppies.In my eyes they looked like Grosser Münsterländer, which has just that colour.. Although there are black and white with very black "spots" this felt strange. The breeder, who also recognized me from the year before looked at my facial expression that I was questioning. So he talked about this color called "Blue" within Stabijhûn - oh well, where you can see how little I knew! He openedup the fur and showed the difference, as well as other breeders explained to me. I wish I had a picture of the whole litter .....

However, the orange and white colour as before been on a few, seem to be extinct. A man had several years ago heard of a dog, which he happily went to witness as a "the miracle". Well, he did - but it showed that the male was castrated!

Sweden has for the first time for about 12 years again again got brown and white puppies - two females now 6 weeks in Hultsfred, kennel Silverslätten. Even our neighbor Finland recently endowed with brown and white in a litter - again two bitches!



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Leeuwarden - "capital" of Friesland!


Now it was time - to change destination for the future. After having been faithful to Germany for many years, thanks Kleine Münsterländer, it will now be the Netherlands. In this country, I have only been twice before. As a young girl with my mother and father - a spring on a so-called "tulip journey", which was not surprising with a father who was a gardener. In addition, on a school trip as a teacher with teenagers. It was at the time when you were young, strong, and with little need for sleep ...

Stabijhoun is really their "farm dog". Everywhere you could see them - in groups, walking in the streets and in the villages. No wonder there are street crossings heaven. First countless Wetterhouns involved in some pedigrees, as well as some Dutch said, more than 40% of the puppies are sold very cheaply, without paper - unregistered.

Helena and I were invited to attend the first international race meeting - to like KLM eventually get to an international covenant and have more contact with the country of origin. First it was the big dog show - Europe Winner-show, with 55 notified Stabijhoun. After that it was dinner for breeding committees from different countries and then a breeding conference.

The only problem was the trip - I, who love to drive, especially abroad with "free speed" may not drive at the moment, and Helena is not used to driving abroad. What do you do then? Well, her husband Torwald put up with driving and car. Thank you!

We stayed one night in Heiligenhafen - where as Swedish you always buy various things. Just two mil from Puttgarden and considerably cheaper and more to choose from than the Swedes who "only" remains at the ferry shops. Lovely small restaurants with specialty seafood all along the harbor. A small village, which is full of people in summer but deserted ahead autumn.

First night in Heiligenhafen
Tyskland med sina härliga frukostar.

Once in Holland we got food at "Helen's special Gerrit" before we took the little house in the countryside, where we lived. Outside Gerrits house appeared several Stabijhoun - hm, either pure or with registration papers, we were told.

Jag trodde att det var rasrena Stabijhoun...
Residence at the countryside, just outside Leeuwarden.

Once on the exhibition we greeted other Swedes being there.. Judge for the day was Diana Striegel, who seemed to like the"easier" type, and said she was a bit disappointed with the quality. The winner was two Dutch dogs, but she was very fond of Ingela Rälgs kennel Silverslätten with her Junior: Silverslättens Madeira Boyke S38292/2010 van and looked long and hard on this little young girl, before she finally placed her No. 2. A given Swedish dividend: a dog from kennel Häromi's: This time it was multititlade Häromi's the James Bond of Duke S17714/2002, who took home the biggest trophy: the European Winner - Veterans! Unfortunately, I did not get a good picture of him. Congratulations to you both!

Since I have a tab called Breeding, will continue text on breeding Conference to end up there. I emphasize only "official" text ends up on the club's website or in the newspape forr SvSK member! On your own website like this – You can write Your own opinions – in official pages like the Club homepage, you must be more strict!


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The following is to be translated later on!

Training at Torun, July 17-18 2010-09-08

For the first time, but certainly not the last, I have the pleasure to introduce a so-called guestwriter on my website. The idea was of course that I and Isolde would have been there, but alas – it didn’t work out. Here follows Helena's commentary from the weekend. Helena is a member of FAC beside me. Photos are contributed by her and Torun. Obviously it was a success, and got appetite for training, so we will meet again. - next year!

We gathered 9.00 out of breath, but I came in time. We introduced ourselves Torun asked, what our dogs could about retrieving, trailing trails and water. Then it was up to evidence and, as we owner had told. Suddenly the dogs could nothing of what we had said… Was it too much new to watch as horses, rabbits or other dogs? After a while the dogs were adapted and it went better. Torun went around and gave tips and advice how to proceed in order to retrieve. Some would be more specific to their second dog, some hadn’t trained their dogs from early age. When everyone felt satisfied or fairly satisfied, we continued to the forest to do tracking, either with birds or rabbits. As Torun is living on a farm, with no neighbours and breeding Münsterländer herself, she has a huge amount of wild rabbits…. everywhere… to train dogs for stopsignals.

Perfect forest for tracking.

Torun pulled short tracks to concentrate on the dog to retrieve the bird For some dogs retrieving went very good not all of them though It took some time before the dog with very positive jacking took the bird. Many dogs were tired when it was time for lunch.

In the afternoon there was water retrieving in the rain. It was more difficult and a little scary for the dogs to go in. Several needed to have dad with into the water and of course they got a lot of praise. However, there were those who just jumped into the water and retrieved birds or dummies and retrieved well. Torun gave ideas on how we drivers in different ways could help our dog to strengthen self-confidence and correct so it was a successful retrieving.

Two dogs knowing how to make it right.

Tired and satisfied we went back to Torun and ate a good dinner, which consisted of salad Åsa had made. During the meal we talked about the day and how we wanted to go back to work the next day. After sleeping in a warm house, it was time for the morning assemblance . We started with passivity training and contact exercises A useful exercise for all dogs! Training in order to be calm and quiet is especially important for our lively dogs, who easily get up in heat and high speed.

This day all dogs had improved, knowing what we wanted from them. We had much longer trackings, so waiting was a bit longer….we noticed it, as the dogs in eager barked and some of them whimpered. – Not allowed, of course. So we had to continue with steady/cakm training.

/Helena & Frippe

Även unghund kan!


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Stabijhounträff with taste of "honey"


So it was finally time to meet for training that for me so unknown breed. What fun You have together with dog people! Liberating to completely unprejudiced new friends, where you must look at what level master and dogs are and work together - forward! Have you been involved with dogs for several years, even have an education for beeing an instructtor for dogs at least I had some thoughts of how dogs usually behave…. But this is an unusual thinking breed! One thing that surprised me was the silence. Although many dogs unknown to eachother and the bootcovers wide open there was no barking!

It isn´t that easy how to upload training with dogs of different ages and varying prior knowledge. It is obviously easier to train when the dogs are more alike - at least in terms of age. Hopefully, all brought something in memory when returning to home, both two- and fourlegs!

Small moments of daily obedience showed that all the dogs were easy to handle. No doubt that dogs' eyes followed their masters and managed to plug in some new words. Moments of every day training calmness, and disturbong the dogs by throwing dummiesm over their heads - no problem. Training passivity is very important in our with stress so full world. However, we had to wait to test the stop signal for these wild rabbits, which were many and ran everywhere.

Åhlskogen's Staby Grima with her master, Kaj.

That at the beginning of retrieving learning put the object in the right way, with little support under the chin and praise at the right time - not the major problem, at least not for the four-legged. The goal is of course to get the commando without any doubt;, carrying and deliverance in all situations, whatever the object is. There were both dummies as birds and rabbits. A lot of training remains for some ekipage!

Bordrock's Charming Molly at her first step.

A familiar name to me was the Stabijowner "Titti", we had several common memories thanks to the club of German Pointers.. By the way her husband still hunts with that breed. Ha-ha, said “Titti”- wondering just what her husband would say, when Cantra gallantly walked the track with the bird in her mouth. In the beginning was the owner : aid in line - fully permitted in youth class incidentally. Just look at the passion for water below - a clear 5 in certificate, where we actually just need a 4.

Cantra in action (Åhlskogens Jubla)

I will end this with a beautiful portrait of "”Frippe” - one of my absolute favorites, which I have met most times by now, as the owner works with me in FAC. I think Helena was really happy and proud, because Frippe have not liked crryung wild animals before. Obedience Retrieving (in harsher terms: forced retrieving) says the "seasoned" with a sigh. Yes, yes, I say this with experience from all other pointing dogs and gundogs. But recently started Stabijhoun and now knowing that they are completely different! You don’t receive good things with force, but with consistently behaviour. All of a sudden “Frippe” find it nice to carry!

Look, how proud!


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År 2010, Klubbens 10-års jubileum!


Detta viktiga år för vår i Sverige relativt nya ras är tänkt att bli ett spännande år. Visser- ligen föddes den första kullen ett par år tidigare, men specialklubben firar i år sitt 10:e år. Många aktiviteter kommer att finnas – datum för dessa hittar Ni på klubbens hem- sida, dels på startsidan, dels under fliken Agenda. Varför inte Agility, ringträning etc. har några frågat. Skk’s lokalavdelningar samt SBK finns re- presenterat i stora delar av landet – där är vi välkomna, så varför konkurrera med dem, som är så stora organisationsmässigt?

Sälenveckan innebär i år officiell utställning. Troligtvis rekordmånga anmälningar, spe- ciellt om en holländsk rasspecialist dömer. Men det är långt till vecka 32, mycket hinner hända innan dess: avelskonferens bl.a. den 27 februari…


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Så har det hänt...!


Rasen har fått sin första jaktprovsmeriterade hund: S 52277/2006 Livsgnistans Geira (e: Bijke v d Gerichtburg Hoeve u: Svanefjordens Chantal)! Ägare o uppfödare är Karin Eriksson, Malung. Geira klarade eftersöksgrenarna samt nu också fältdelen! Domare var Birger Knutsson. Varma gratulationer till en stor bedrift!

 Livsgnistans Geira, foto: T.Brate

Geiras far, "Bijke" Geiras mor, "Ella"


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Liten rasklubb med "go"!


foto: Torun Brate

När en ny ras dyker upp i Sverige, brukar det dröja många år, innan en egen rasklubb kan bildas. Visserligen ligger denna under ”paraplyet” SKF, övriga kontinentala ståen- de fågelhundar – men har dock en egen aktiv klubb. Starkt gjort, tycker jag.

Bl.a. har man flera år i rad haft vecka 32 som chansen att träffas, aktiveras och prata hund. Senaste åren och så även nästa år är platsen Lindvallen i Sälen. Nästa år är det förresten klubbens 10-årsjubiléum – så då blir det extra festligt!

I år var det min första Stabijhoun-special. Jag erkänner att tanken föresvävade mig: Hur skall man kunna vara en hel vecka med idel för mig främmande människor? Man är inte främmande för varandra speciellt länge, när man har stort gemensamt hundintresse. Och utbudet var bedövande stort med duktiga instruktörer!

Rasen kan jämföras med där Münsterländern var på 70 – 80 talet, bl.a. hur skall man aktivera denna livliga ras? Därför fattades inte mycket. Det fanns agiltyträning, pro- blemlösning med hund, fjällvandring med lydnad, stadgeövningar i uppflog, jaktträning bl.a. i form av viltspår, apportering land-vatten. På kvällarna var det föreläsning.




Även lekfulla tävlingar fanns med på programmet liksom med mer allvar i blicken, när det gällde officiella prov i form av viltspårprov samt eftersöksgrenarna lika SVK´s.

Holländska gäster kom till Sälen. De gav oss träningstips samt hur diplomutdelning fun- gerar i rasens hemland. Dessutom avslutades lördagen med utställning. Domare var Mr. Jan Andringa från Holland.

Platsen för Specialen var i mycket vacker omgivning. Stugorna var trevliga med fint möblemang och mycket välutrustade. Så det gav mersmak – inför nästa år med 10-års- jubileum.

De två bästa tikarna med holländske domaren i mitten
De tre bästa hanarna i Ökl utställning



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